Natural products


Naturel Enterprise is a natural products company that specialises in the production and marketing of high quality natural products of African region. Our aim is to market competitively most of our cultural and natural products within our environment.

We identify high quality traditional products which have been used within our community for ages. Identified products are developed and transformed to their ultimate standards and test marketed. The natural products market is yearning for great products of our kind that have been time tested in our cultures with proven efficacy.

We so far are involved in the production of soap and sheabutter. Our raw material base comes from rural women groups. We currently work with a group that involves 75 rural women. We serve as the vehicle to bring to the fore the great and wonderful wealth that exist in their handiwork.

We engage in proper waste management and efficiency in energy within our environment. We recycle where possible and our aim is to develop more and more of this aspect of our business.

In a nutshell, we tap into natural resources already existing in West African cultures and through product enhancement and marketing, stimulate growth and prosperity within these cultures.

Black Soap is the name given to a wide range of soaps that are traditionally made along the West Coast of Africa. There are many variants of this soap. The variety stems from the variety of ingredients that are available within the locality. The processes employed in production though generally the same, but there are differences in steps.

The Black Soap we present has been used traditionally to bath to achieve superior skin tone. It is also most popular for it’s medicinal properties. It is used to treat various skin blemishes including exzema and pimples.
Naturel Black Soap Shower Gel
Naturel Black Soap Shower Gel is handcrafted, using traditional technology that has survived centuries and still relevant today. The soap is further refined and treated with neem oil which is a natural healer of skin blemishes and the soap is exquisite scented with natural oils that improve skin condition and aroma therapeutic in character. Our product also provides unbeatable lathering properties and leaves a refreshing feeling of cleanliness after use.


Naturel Enterprise has the capacity to produce 3,000 bottles of Naturel Shower Gel a day.

Euro 2,50