The Bolga Basket

Since the 50th the TEA (spoken Te - A ) basket with handle is produced in Bolgatanga.

To weave a basket the straw is first split with the teeth in two sticks, then twisted on the leg. The twisted straw is dyed in hot water and a small pot with batik dye. For weaving a basic cross is made out of strong (undyed and untwisted) straw. Around this cross the uprights are set up and added and the round are woven. So a basket with relatively strong but flexible texture is made.

Two types of weaving are done (and most weavers only know one of them): It is double weaving (two uprights and thin straw) and single weaving (one upright and thicker straw). If the basket has reached its size a mouth has to be done. Here uprights are combined and bundled round. The handle is woven inside that mouth, is combined in the middle and bundled round with straw. The end of the straws on the baskets are cut with a blade. The TEA is ready.

Now there is till the leatherwork to be one on the basket: The handle is sawn around with goatleather, which increases the comfort of carrying a basket and also increases its stability and durability.