Bolga Baskets

In designs and pattern our weavers have shown great deal of creativity.

As before the round Bolga Basket (we call it Standard) is the seller among all Baskets, and it becomes more and more  popular.

The Bolga Baskets 2006

New Baskets
New Designs
New developments in Bolgatanga

After 16 years of Basketwork we and our 980 weavers can proudly present to you a new range of baskets:

  • Shopping Baskets in various forms and handles
  • the Fashion collection
  • storage containers in round and square
  • Present baskets

New also are various colour combinations: You choose your own combination to your basket form. Some Designs are only for double weave baskets, such as triangle designs.

Order your 1:1 Baskets now: One picture one Basket.