Djembe Drums
all has changed 

Drums are a major article of our sales assortment. We have extended that sector significantly and increased the drums offered.

To adjust to the needs of our craftmen within Fairtrade Producer Society, to meet market demands of our clients and to professionalise the sector of Drums we have changed our article lists as follwos:

       all Drums are listed with their various Producer Codes.

       prices are adjusted to different finishing or designing of the drum.

       a number of new drums, such as Bongos, Bougurabu and Dundun,     have been added.

       all sizes indicated show hight and face diameter, which is significant for professional Musicians.

This individualisation of the drum listing was necessary to compete with the increasing demand of drums from US commercial buyers, which create a kind of scarcity on the ghanaian market:

The high demand - not only a problem for the wood ressources -, but also a problem to the small producers, whom we are working with.

Some of the craftmen have adjusted by:

       investments into machinery, a late machine to shape the drum to work faster and more equal

       using of differnt wood species apart from the traditional Tweneboa. These are : Kola, Odanta, Odum, Mango , Sheanutstree. These hardwood (Code HW) are much more difficult to carve and shape and also heavier to carry.

       varing the sizes of drums: The 24 and 20 drums are the ones in most demand and therefore most expensive from the bodymakers around Asamankese, a forest area in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

       creating designs on drums, such as laquered drums, painted drums and antique drums to add value. Eric, one of the producers has even gone further and registered designs with the copy-right authority in Ghana to avoid reproduction.

       further developing simplicity and perfectionise the tuning to meet professional demands. The use of better ropes and the introduction of senegal tuning has been introduced to Djembes made in Ghana.

       specialising on professionals: African Behazel, a producergroup in Nungua, a suburb of Accra, the Ghana capital is at the same time training children in dance and drums and have expanded to a cultural Center with performances and a Chop-Bar (the type of Ghana Restaurant)

       expanding the production of specialised drums from other african countries (Bougurabu, Dundun, Sabar and Bongo) as the demand for the Ghana drum orchestras (Adowa drums, Fontonfrom Sets, Kete drums, Agbadza and Ewe drums) has reduced.

We hope this individualisation will not irritate you, but support your Sales with high quality professional instruments, which are also different in their look. The drum becomes a decorative item as well as a professional instrument. With that range you can also distinguish from your competitors, who offer the drums , we call general (and also offer them). They are the mass produced drums from Ghana, which are exported in high volumes.